KickStart 2018 Partner Offer – Connect Now

Help your clients move with ease (and earn rewards)

Connectnow is an expert in managing the basics at a very stressful moment of the buying process. They will focus on every client in your office to ensure your experience is realised consistently. Historically this service has only be provided to tenants. Consider the value to your new homeowners along with those who vacate. Connectnow will provide the best experience in moving your clients into their new home. The customer journey continues for you right up until the point your client turns the light on for the first time. Connectnow is a partner who will make this process very simple for your team and in turn your clients. Not only will they deliver a great experience to your clients, you will also earn some rewards along the way.

Please direct your interest to Paul Hoefer, the National Sales Manager for Connectnow on

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Paul Hoefer, National Sales Manager
T: 1300 554 323