What a beautiful concept and an absolutely essential component of success. Check out this great article on Accountability.

What a beautiful concept and an absolutely essential component of life to be able to make us move faster. One of the most important questions we ask on a coaching session is: are you on-track or are you off-track? Very Simple. If you on-track, then let’s keep going. If you’re off-track, what are you going to do to get back on-track?

It’s not possible to be on-track 100% of the time. But what you do want to know is how to get back when you’re off track. There’s a strong link between commitment and accountability. You cannot hold someone accountable to something they are not committed to. The first question I have to ask is: What are you committed to, between now and the end of the year and the next 12 months? How about this week? This month? Once you’re clear on that then let’s wrap some accountability around it. Why? Because the commitment that are most likely to break is a commitment we made to ourselves.

No one particularly loves accountability, but what we do know is that we love the outcomes that accountability provides.

Given all of that, I thought it would be appropriate to connect you with the weekly productivity report. You can download this off the website if you search for Weekly Productivity Report. It is a tool that allows you to capture all of your actions you do and results you’ve producing.

On one side of the page, you would see the Business Generation Page which includes your:

  • Prospecting,

  • Your 10x10x20

  • Your pipeline seller follow up calls

  • Client nurture calls

  • Your priority buyer follow up calls

  • Open follow up calls

  • Your COI network and contacts.

These are designed and created with tick boxes, very easy to follow and use. There’s a review column at the end of the week to check how you’re doing in that particular area. There is also a daily total; how this works is, let’s say at the end of Monday and you filled out the data needed, you did 15 proactive prospecting goals and a heap of buyer calls. What you can do is put a circle around that and just total them up. It’s not essential but it’s good to actually update that.

On the back of the sheet, you will see the Productivity Report that shows what the result of the activity is. Now, Lag Time! What we put on the Activity Sheet, won’t reflect on the Productivity Sheet result wise for the week.

This sheet shows results for:

  • Listing Appointments this week

  • Buyer appointment this week

  • Sales and offers made this week

  • Lead generation and pipeline this week

Very simple Strategy and you will see your productivity in different areas and see if you need any focus on sections you were lacking.

Some might say that this may not be very convenient. Some will say “Michael, I don’t have one right now.” “I’m in a car”, “I might miss a call”. It’s going to be a lot better tracking your progress than not tracking it.

The reason I think this is important is because sometimes, we don’t recognize what we are doing or what we aren’t.

What a productive agent does in a month, you’re going to take 3-4 months to do. Another way to put it is, what is going to take you 3-4 years to do, a productive agent is going to that in 1 year. Who’s going to be ahead of the game?

That’s pretty obvious.