Around the Network – Caine Real Estate

Caine Real Estate Goes International!

After joining RER Network’s outsourcing tour of the Philippines, the team at Caine Real Estate were left with no doubt of the potential for increased efficiencies and productivity stemming from establishing an “offshore” team. A group of four from their Melbourne team spent a fortnight at Cloudstaff training up their new Philippines team. Roles being performed by Caine Philippines span the property management, sales and administration departments.

Caine CEO Jacob Caine explained “For us this isn’t about reducing our head count here in Australia, it’s about facilitating growth in our team through improved efficiencies, and greater opportunities. As an example, we can see a real paradigm shift when it comes to recruiting property managers. Historically we’ve looked for candidates with a strong pedigree in property management processes, organisational skills, and particular software packages. As we transfer the backend administrative duties to our Philippine team, our Melbourne based PM’s are freed up to focus on those customer focused value added services that are too frequently neglected. In future we’ll be looking for a completely different candidate, with stronger skillsets in sales and customer service.”

The team at Caine welcome a call from anyone in the network considering taking the step towards outsourcing.