Members Talk: An Interview with Craig Lowe

member news r e r connect Aug 23, 2023

Craig Lowe, founder of Lowe & Co Realty, shared his journey and insights in a ‘Members Talk’ interview. Craig entered the real estate industry at the age of 20, enticed by the low cost and short study period required to become a salesperson compared to traditional education paths.

Throughout his career, Craig has learned the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who excel in their respective fields. He believes continuous learning and personal growth are crucial for success.

Lowe & Co Realty, established six years ago, has experienced rapid growth, expanding from just five employees to over 60 today. In order to attract top talent, the company focused on recruiting experienced salespeople rather than training individuals from scratch. This strategy has proven successful, with top salespeople from major competitors joining the team. The agency supports its sales team by handling 30 hours of administration work per sale, enabling them to concentrate on listing more properties and providing better service. As a result, Lowe & Co Realty boasts the highest sales per agent in their market and has risen from 20th to third in market share since its launch.

Craig's vision for his agency is to be recognised as the best agents in the industry. Their primary market focus is residential sales in Wellington City. With a team of 41 salespeople, nine management and local admin staff, and a team of 16 offshore administrators, Lowe & Co Realty is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

When it comes to leadership, Craig believes in the importance of influencing and inspiring rather than simply managing. Outside of work, Craig enjoys mountain biking as a way to unwind.

In terms of success in real estate, Craig emphasises the need to appreciate the highs but not let the lows bring you down. Overall, his biggest tip for a great life is to always be dissatisfied and strive for continuous improvement.

Craig is excited about the opportunities presented by the RER Network, as it provides a platform for learning, growth, and connecting with like-minded leaders in the industry. He looks forward to discovering new strategies and sharing his own experiences to contribute to the collective success of the real estate community.


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