Coast Realty's brand new headquarters right in the heart of Terrigal!

member news r e r connect Aug 23, 2023

Coast Realty has officially opened their brand new headquarters right in the heart of Terrigal!

Led by the amazing Group Managing Director Bev Barendse, the Coast Realty team celebrated the grand opening earlier this month with so much excitement and anticipation.

Coast Realty has always been a top-notch agency in the prestigious real estate market of this region. With their expertise in beachside and waterfront locations like Pearl Beach, Patonga, and Booker Bay, under the guidance of Principal Stuart Gan, they have achieved record-breaking success since their establishment in 2018.

But here's the best part - Coast Realty is not your average real estate agency. They're all about doing things differently than their competitors. The Coast Realty team takes great pride in their unique approach and commitment to the community.

Their new headquarters, nestled in the historic Westpac building, has been designed with the community and local businesses in mind. Picture this - a stunning project development display suite that doubles as an incredible events space. Coast Realty wants to create an immersive and fantastic experience for everyone who steps through their doors, showcasing the best project developments across the Coast.

Coast Realty is also aiming to make their headquarters a vibrant community hub and a support centre for local businesses. By actively engaging with the community, they're building strong relationships and contributing to the growth and prosperity of Terrigal.

Hold onto your hats because Coast Realty plans to host an incredible array of community fundraising events, VIP nights, and they're even working on bringing you the best annual events for local businesses! How amazing is that?

In addition to their new Terrigal headquarters, Coast Realty has relocated their head office from Umina Beach to better serve their client base from Norah Head to Patonga. With Stuart Gan still running operations on the Peninsula, Coast Realty now has perfect coast-wide coverage along the prestigious corridor. Talk about reaching new heights!

When you step inside their modern HQ, get ready to be blown away by the unique features they've put together. They've got advanced technology, spacious collaborative workspaces, and an elegant industrial-inspired interior design. The doors are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, just waiting to welcome clients and turn their real estate dreams into reality.


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