Your 2022 Network Support System and Events Calendar

events Feb 07, 2022

I know it's weird to start 2022 with the BIG C floating around but as I always say... focus on what you can control and influence.


Despite so much going on, I still believe 2022 offers amazing opportunities for growth and success - and we're excited to supporting you on your journey.

Download the 2022 Network Support Calendar.  It has all the programs we've created to support you and your team to create amazing results.
You'll gain HUGE insights and strategies to take away and implement - make sure to lock and load the relevant sessions for you in your calendar!
Of course, if a specific session is super relevant for you, you'll have a special invite for it.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you and working with you in every one of these events!

Michael Sheargold
Your Business. Your Life. Elevated.

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