RER Network Train the Trainer 2021

RER Network Train the Trainer 2021

RER Network Train the Trainer is a three-week online program designed for anyone who runs or has a training responsibility with your business.

The ultimate goal of this Network-only program is to enhance the traction out of every training session and motivate your team to take action on the relevant strategies to help them grow.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll gain…

• How to create an effective training calendar
• How to get team discussion and buy-in on strategies
• How to engage the team in the right learning for them
• How to use the Network’s new Online Courses (Learning Streams)
• How to make the Network’s online KnowledgeBase more effective
• How to set the scene for the most effective learning styles
• Understand how to create an effective structure
• How to facilitate a discussion that gets results
• How to run great roleplay session
• How to create variety in what you deliver to the team
• How to switch on learning within your team
• How to use key models to reinforce your agency’s framework
• How to bring new team members into your business effectively
• Plus brainstorm a host of solutions to your current training challenges

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