Sales MasterMind Series with Rob Lamb, Kollosche

Sales MasterMind Series with Rob Lamb, Kollosche

Details: “Going from a Good Agent to a Great Agent”

Rob is one of Kollosche’s top agents. With an extensive 13 years’ experience in the property industry he specialises in beachfront apartments and lifestyle properties. He is an award-winning agent, holding one of the highest residential property sale prices of $25 million.

Rob will share the strategies he used to move from good to great, including:

– What he did to double his business in two years
– The importance of being authentic and ensuring your online brand aligns with your off line image
– Creating the right environment to achieve your goals
– Identifying the kind of agent you want to be – Does the area have the stock mix required to perform or will you be relying on a high volume of transactions?
– The mental game – how to stay motivated, on track and connected

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