Property Centric Dialogue

10 x 10 x 20 is an incredibly powerful prospecting tool working for both your current vendors and setting up your future pipeline and becoming the area/street specialist. This quite simply is too good an opportunity to miss!

There are three extremely effective times to approach the neighbours of the current property you are marketing and remember& 10 x 10 x 20 is the minimum not the maximum for you to do.

Opportunity 1 PRE SIGN BOARD

We have just listed (property) and I wanted to introduce myself to you because you will be seeing quite a bit of me over the next month or so. Also quite often people who live in the area know people who are looking to buy so if you know anyone who might be interested in this property I would be delighted to show them through. The clients have decided to Auction, the Auction is on (date) The open times are: I look forward to seeing/meeting you at the open. By the way I will be keeping you updated throughout the marketing of the property.


Hello Mrs Jones, a quick update to let you know what is happening with (property) as I expected there has been some strong interest in the property and we now have a number of interested parties, looking favourably at the property and the area. (obviously I cant go into detail about that right now cause its confidential. There are still another 1 or 2 opens to go and the Auction is coming up on (date). It would be great to see you there supporting your neighbours.

Opportunity 3 POST SALE

Hello Mrs Jones its (myself from company) here again. A quick touch base to let you know the property did sell successfully for ($ ). The owners were delighted with the result. (depending on confidentiality this is optional, talk about the people that purchased the property) As I mentioned before there was some keen interest in the property and the area. Unfortunately, there were a number of unsuccessful purchasers that were unable to secure the property but they are still really keen on the area. And they have asked me to see if anyone else is thinking of making a move. So I was just wondering if you know anyone who might be thinking of making a move.