Weekly Momentum – Referral Power

Here we are at the beginning of Feb 2020! I hope the year has started well for you.

This year we are replacing our monthly Growth Accelerator for a weekly Momentum Session. These sessions are designed to help you focus on the areas I believe will take your results to the next level. And in 2020, we all need to ramp up our efforts to do just that.

Every week you’ll receive a Momentum Session email with a video link. Sometimes I’ll record one for you or i’ll grab something specific off the Network’s KnowledgeBase.

Keep in mind one of our core beliefs as a Network is the more you learn… the more you’ll earn. So this is designed to help you enhance your success strategies you’re applying to win.

You can watch these videos personally or as a team to build even greater momentum.

This week the focus is one of the keys that unlock amazing growth – Referral Power.

Click here for the video.

TECH NOTE: You will need to be logged in to the Network prior to clicking this link.

In this 4 minute video you’ll…

  • Learn the importance of the referral loop
  • Review how to over-service a referral
  • Clarify how you can improve your referral business to impact your bottom line

As well as this weekly Momentum Session you’ll also receive a bonus quick tip on Thursday. It will feature some great dialogue or a great tip to enhance your business even more.

Speaking of enhancing your business…have you registered for KickStart? We recognise that our Network members are ready for an energy shift and a really solid year in 2020. As a result, the KickStart 2020 program is one of the best we have ever produced.

Click here for the complete agenda and here to register your team.

If you have questions, please feel free to call the team on 1300 273 785 and speak with Barney, Shane or Kirsten.

Have a brilliant week and I hope to catch up in person at KickStart.